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Create a beautiful customised necklace - for yourself or as a unique personalised gift.

The elements collection takes inspiration from nature.  Influenced by studies of the seasons - the colours, shapes, sounds and feelings of the outdoors.

First choose your bead trio colour palette – Subtle and floral blush pinks//earthy natural tones//airy sky blues//botanical silver greens.

Then begin to customise your necklace….

Select a sterling silver charm – each have their own meaning and symbolism

Heart – The centre of emotion and affection

Feather – spirituality, lightness and flight

Star – light, guidance and navigation

Dragonfly – Adaptability, change and transformation

And finally choose your sterling silver chain length, either long - 24” (61cm) or super long - 36” (91cm)

Each chosen element is then secured on to a beautiful round sterling silver twisted link with an etched disc which represents wholeness and eternity.

The finished necklace is presented in a gift box with a tag to identify the chosen elements along with a space to add a personalised ‘created by’… and ‘from….’.

Enjoy selecting your elements and putting together your own custom design!


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